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While carrying your baby it is important to remember to follow the T.I.C.K.S checklist. The TICKS guidelines were created by the UK Consortium of Sling Manufacturers and Retailers (March 2010) and have been widely accepted as the industry standard for safe use.  The NE Sling Library does not hire any bag slings and does not recommend the cradle carry position.  In addition to TICKS this document helps explain positing, safety and comfort. We will not provide you with a sling, if we do not believe is appropriate to your needs or those of your baby (e.g. under weight limit).

It is important to consider the integrity of your sling every time you use it as they can become damaged. If buying a new sling or hiring one, please take time to inspect it. If a hired carrier is damaged while in use, stop using immediately and contact us. From time to time, the sling library will become aware of safety recalls. On these occasions we will remove the carrier from our inventory until a replacement can be made available. If a recalled carrier is on loan we will contact you to arrange return and provide you with a suitable replacement for the remainder of your hire period (extending if necessary).

This article by Rosie from Sheffield Sling Surgery is excellent on explaining Sling Safety when carrying young babies.   

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