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This is the page to find the answer to the most commonly asked questions we get at NESL


Are you trained?

I have trained with 3 different babywearing schools in the UK. I have completed my training with Slingababy (including project for benefit of wider community), School of Babywearing and trained to advanced level with Trageschule UK. Copies of certificates available on request.


Do you have insurance?

I have professional liability, public liability and product liability insurance from DSC Strand Care Sure as a babywearing consultant, this also covers my teaching on Born to Carry courses. Copies of certificate of insurance available on request.

Are library sessions free?

Library sessions run on an appointment basis. Although we ask you to pre-pay £15, this is to cover sling hire rather than for just the appointment. If you are just wanting support with your own carrier, this covers our time.

Do I have to have a consultation?

As well as library drop in sessions I offer private consultations. These offer a much more personalised service and provide 1:1 support. They can also be arranged as workshops or private library bookings. Some parents prefer to try lots of slings on or to look through lots of options which  we do not have the time to do during a library session. During a consult we can take our time and work at yours and babies pace. Consultations include sling hire for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Are older children welcome?

Children are welcome to all our sessions. Whether from home or when we are out and about. Most venues have toys for older children. If you think they will get bored feel free to bring something for them to play with.

Where are sessions held?

Sessions are held across the North East. Two sessions per month run from home in Durham. Maddy runs sessions on North Tyneside. Consultations usually run from home but I can travel (DH7/DH1 post codes travel included, other post codes 45p/mile).

When is the next library session?

Our sessions are pretty much 'diary' fixtures and happen each month. You can find where we are by visiting our online calendar  and by visiting our Facebook page where the pinned post is changed each month to show where we are. We are always happy to travel to play groups etc if requested as long as we are available.

How much does it cost?

Sling hire costs £10 for 2 weeks and £15 for 4 weeks. Stretchy wraps can be hired for 3 months for £20. North East Sling Library does not take deposits.


Do you offer postal hire?

We have offered postal hire for as long as the library has been open. Please email with details of which sling you would like to borrow. We will check if it is in stock and send you booking form. If out of stock we can suggest alternatives and expected return date. Postal hire costs exactly the same as in person plus postage at cost.


What happens if I am late bringing a sling back?

If you do not return sling on time we do charge £1 per day late fee (max of £5 per week) as late returns are unfair on other parents. We send a reminder text message or email a few days before your sling is due for return. If you know you will not be able to attend the session your sling is due for return to please let us know at the soonest opportunity. It is usually possible to extend your hire  as these fees are lower, but do let us know first. If a sling fails to return after several attempts at contact we reserve the right to begin small claims proceedings.

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