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What is Born to Carry?


In addition to running the North East Sling Library I am also a trainer for Born to Carry. Born to Carry is a training initiative which aims to bring together all the great trainers we have in the UK under one banner.

Born to Carry offers Peer Support courses through local trainers. All trainers work closely with Born to Carry to ensure that the same principles of teaching and learning are adhered to throughout.


What is covered during course?


All Born to Carry Peer Support courses cover the following as a basis:


  • Safety – theory and how to apply it in practice

  • Babywearing Theory

  • Practical carrying, one method fully explored

  • Practical carrying – different carriers

  • Pre and post course assignment



All Born to Carry trainers have experience and a teaching qualification. In addition they are all highly experienced Babywearing consultants who have shown to have a true passion for teaching others.


I am also able to offer advanced workshops covering a specific topic in more depth.



Why train as a peer supporter?


People choose to attend the course for a wide range of reasons.  Maybe you run/volunteer at a Sling Library or Sling Meet and want to ensure parents are provided with clear information? Perhaps you work with parents in a different field and would like to increase your awareness of babywearing? Maybe you are a health care professional? Possibly you simply want to be able to help friends and relatives carry their own children, but want to be sure you’re giving them safe, up-to-date information? Or you could simply be an enthusiastic babywearer who would like to increase your own knowledge!


What does it cost?


Born to Carry peer support courses are £85 per person.This includes refreshments, lunch, course booklet, pre and post course support. It is payable in 2 payments. The first (£45) is non-refundable deposit and secures your place.  Discounts are available for those on low incomes or for those who wish to volunteer at the North East Sling Library. Earlybird booking discounts may apply too.


What areas do you cover?


I am based in Durham City and cover the whole of the North East. This includes the Boarders, North West and Cumbria, Yorkshire and East Midlands. Travel within 30 miles of home is included in price. The cost of further travel is split between course participants, unless 6 or more participants where by travel included up to 2.5 hours from home (DH7 post code). Past courses have been conducted in Scarborough, Grantham, Nottingham and Durham City.


Where are courses held?


Durham City courses are held at my home. Other courses have been held in church and village halls, nurserys, as well as peoples homes. We simply need a room large enough to allow all participants room to practise.



How do I book?


Born to Carry courses are held in the North East every 3-4 months and are advertised via both the North East Sling Library and Born to Carry Facebook Pages. Alternatively send me and email and I can add your name to waiting list. If you would like to arrange a course in your local area just send me a message and I will do my best to accommodate you.

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