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As well as offering 7 drop in sessions per month we are also able to offer workshops for small groups. These can be arranged privately and we also organise our own. Workshops are small group (no more than 8) situations in which we focus on one type of sling or even way of carrying. They are usually between 90-120 minutes long and include refreshments and a workshop pack to take home with photo tutorials and video resource links.


Common workshop themes include:


  • Introduction to Babywearing and newborn carrying

  • Wrapping with a woven

  • Back wrapping

  • Getting to grips with buckle carriers

  • Learn to love your ring sling

  • Hip carries with a long wrap

  • Beyond the PWCC with a stretchy




If you would like to focus on a specific skill just ask we are happy to arrange workshops on almost any topic. Workshops are charged at £10 per person. Small children and babies are welcome to attend. If you would like us to arrange a workshop just drop us an email or watch our Facebook page for details of the ones we arrange.


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